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January 28- March 3th 2-24

6 Week Barre 101 Series

with Mandy Fish

Join the wonderful Mandy Fish for this fun and exhilarating 6 week Barre 101 Series.

Based in Ballet barre, yoga and pilates, you can burn anywhere between 400-600 calories a session, with minimal cardio bursts, you're sure to enjoy the upbeat mood it brings to your body and mind.

In this 6 week series we will go from simple ballet techniques to a full blown booty/body workout. From plies and tendus to pigeons and pilates, you're going to experience a full body enjoyment that brings you in touch with your confidence and abilities to go further not just on the Barre but in life!

Only 10 spots available so sign up today!

January 6th-27th 2024

4 Week Pilates Series- Deepen Your Core Connection

Want to deepen your core connection? This 4 week challenge will strengthen your center with powerful Pilates exercises and breathwork. You'll push your limits with 4 workouts for your lower body, upper body, and full body that highlight core strength and stability — so you’ll feel worked from head to toe. You’ll also take it up a notch by adding resistance with bands, a Pilates ball, and light weights for an extra sculpting boost. Your core is essential for daily movement and cross-training in yoga, weightlifting, running, and more. Challenge yourself this new year and you’ll see and feel the difference in every area of your life. In this series, you will: - Deepen your core strength, stability, and awareness on and off the mat - Improve your back pain, posture, balance, and performance - Increase your overall energy and mental clarity

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